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Locked out emergency callout

A big property management company based in Preston who own student halls of residences in Newcastle had a situation with a student locked out of her room.

The manager called The Newcastle Locksmith at 2.30 am to attend to the emergency and report back. When our certified locksmith arrived, he found the distressed student and her anxious flatmates sitting in the kitchen worried about her predicament. She had all her lecture notes and materials locked in her room.

The Newcastle Locksmith after an initial investigation found the door to be unlocked but the spinning handle was preventing the door from opening.

The spinning handle was not engaging which in turn was not retracting the latch. The Newcastle Locksmith was able to open the door within 10 minutes to a very happy and relieved student. She was so happy she left a five star Google review.

For all your lock issues in and around Newcastle then do not hesitate to contact The Newcastle Locksmith. We are a small family business but big enough to care.

Visit our website here for more details.

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