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The Newcastle Locksmith carries out a variety of locksmith service. If your door handles wont work , key won't turn, the key is hard to use, the handles are stiff or you have snapped a key in the lock, you are locked out in Newcastle or locked in or you have lost your keys. Maybe you need a glass window replacing, glazing service, you may need new window seals to window and door boarding service  then The Newcastle Locksmith can help. Tarique our head locksmith offers a full locksmith service 24 hours each day and he specialises in multi-point locking hardware so that's dealing with UPVC doors and windows, Composite style doors.

Not just the locks but all hardware from handles to the mechanisms, hinges to realignment, gaining entry to deadlocked doors, deglazing and replacement of window mechanisms and more. 


The Newcastle Locksmith offer a large range of fitted locks from UPVC door cylinders, Composite door cylinder locks, wood door sash locks, deadlocks, night latches, Yale locks to internal door locks, bathroom door and bedroom door locks to padlocks, shutter locks, desk locks or whatever lock you are looking for, need help with our gaining access to then Tarique can help.

The Newcastle Locksmith has a full option for door servicing. This maybe required if you handles are hard to operate or you lock is hard to use, the key wont turn or the door wont lock or unlock or it won't close after its been open etc. Tarique our head locksmith and UPVC & Composite door specialist can full service the door, realign the door in its frame.

The Newcastle Locksmith specializes in UPVC and Composite door mecs also known as the gearbox. Tariq our head locksmith can gain entry without damage to UPVC deadlocked frozen doors. Tarique is a technical entry locksmith that wont use force to gain entry where possible. We carry a vast amount of parts, so we can always deal with all jobs.

The Newcastle Locksmith offers a full 24 hour emergency locksmith, boarding and glazing in Newcastle upon Tyne. Tarique our head locksmith can gain entry if you are locked out, locked in or you have lost your keys. Tarique is fast to act with minimal damage where we can as we use technical entry rather than force. We carry  large stock of items for all jobs.

The Newcastle Locksmith offers all locksmith services from key duplication, mass key cutting, locked out or locked in, replacement parts, upgraded parts. Insurance approved locks and hardware such as door handles to letter box covers, thumb turn locks to dealing with all UPVC door issues from realigning and door servicing to fitting new locks to wooden doors. Whatever issues you are having with any lock or if you need a free no obligation quote then simply call Tariq, you local locksmith for Newcastle, based in Fenham and on call 24 hours each day. 

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