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The Newcastle Locksmith carries out a variety of locksmith service. This includes our boarding and glazing service. We offer a full boarding service where we will board up a broken window or windows, broken damaged doors after burglary or vandalism.  Our glazer and joiners can pop out, take a look and give you a quote for free to board up the property and we can also give you a free glazing quote. We are a 24 hour boarding service available throughout Newcastle upon Tyne but we also have our full locksmith range available for upgrading locks, hardware, door handles and more!


If your locks fail and cant be repaired or replaced then that could leave you in determent  with your insurance provider. We can board your door with no damage to the frame and organise for a the door to be repaired the next working day. If your window falls out and breaks then call us today and we can pop out and do the repair and get your property secure.

The Newcastle Locksmith has a full option for door boarding. Window boarding along with glazing. Prices from just £45 labour for the hour and then the price of materials on top. S standard size living room window could cost around £70 including labour to board. We can also quote to glaze the window and offer a full door and window repair service.

Windows can easily break especially with young ones or vandalism. However with a month or longer delay on glass being produced in the UK could mean you need a boarding service. The Newcastle locksmith can pop out at any hour of the day or night and fully board any window, door or multiple windows and doors. We are low cost and 24 hours.

The Newcastle Locksmith offers a full 24 hour emergency locksmith, boarding and glazing in Newcastle upon Tyne. Tarique our head locksmith can gain entry if you are locked out, locked in or you have lost your keys. Tarique is fast to act with minimal damage where we can as we use technical entry rather than force. We carry  large stock of items for all jobs.

The Newcastle Locksmith offers all locksmith services from key duplication, mass key cutting, locked out or locked in, replacement parts, upgraded parts. Insurance approved locks and hardware such as door handles to letter box covers, thumb turn locks to dealing with all UPVC door issues from realigning and door servicing to fitting new locks to wooden doors. Whatever issues you are having with any lock or if you need a free no obligation quote then simply call Tariq, you local locksmith for Newcastle, based in Fenham and on call 24 hours each day. 


glazing, boarding upvc window newcastle

The Newcastle Locksmith based in Fenham can offer you a full UPVC service. from glazing repair, replacing glass pains and glass panels to boarding up broken UPBV doors and windows. 

We have a full boarding up service available in Newcastle 24 hours each day. We are full trained and confident in our work with warranties and more!

Our costs are low from just £45 for doing the job, the labour costs and then its the price of the materials on top. We can always give you a free no obligation quote for any work. 

Get in touch with our on call locksmith, glazer and boarder today on 07881732550 and we can give you an idea over the phone of costs involved. 

We are fully insured, DBS checked and trained to the highest standard. We do NOT have any call out fees or added costs, hidden costs!

Contact us today for more information! 

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