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Gearbox failed

(Picture of actual Gearbox Mechanism removed from the door)

The Newcastle Locksmith had a callout to a gentleman whose lock was sticking and causing problems opening and locking the door.

Our certified Locksmith attended the property to find that not only was the lock sticking but the mechanism was also on its way out. This was fortunate because a failed gearbox mechanism would be a more expensive repair.

Upon further investigation it was found that the hooks in the locking strip were exiting and entering very slowly. The top hooks were sometimes not exiting the housing at all.

The Newcastle Locksmith contacted the supplier and a full parts inventory with prices was then given to the customer. The Newcastle Locksmith worked around the customers work commitments due to him being a lecturer and having a busy schedule.

A new gearbox mechanism was fitted with a new high security lock. The Newcastle Locksmith always gives a spare key as standard but in this case it was 2 extra keys for the gentleman's 2 daughters. A door service was also carried out free of charge as normal procedure.

The original gearbox mechanism and the lock had served the family well for twenty years but were on their last legs. It is always best to have your door and lock checked out before the smaller problem becomes a bigger one.

If you are in or around Newcastle book a free check if anything seems amiss with your locks. For you peace of mind all our work comes with a 24 month warranty.

The keys were handed over to a very happy customer who checked the workings of his new locking system. He then confided that The Newcastle Locksmith was £200 cheaper than the nearest quote.

For all your locksmith needs contact The Newcastle Locksmith on 07881732550 or visit our website for more details.

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