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Sticky lock causing lockout

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Late evening a callout was made regarding a family locked out of their home.

Our emergency locksmith The Newcastle Locksmith attended the lockout situation. The euro lock in a upvc door had been sticking for a while and had now decided to give up completely.

It was a distressing situation for the family who had young children and was made worse by the freezing weather. They had purchased a new door only a year ago but the lock failed leading to a lockout.

The Newcastle Locksmith gained entry very quickly much to the relief of the family. Although the lock had been sticking for a while they had failed to have it seen to and it eventually gave up.

The Newcastle Locksmith changed the lock for a high security lock and also serviced the door. There was no callout fee for the out of hours service and it saved the family more than £100 from the nearest quote.

The Newcastle Locksmith are a low cost 24 hr emergency locksmith with no callout fee.

You can call The Newcastle Locksmith on 07881732550 or visit our website on

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